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Wrap up the 2024 School Year with Sora!

BrainPop Bulletin - April 2024

Sora Sweet Reads returns for 2024

Discovery Education - April 2024 Updates

BrainPop Bulletin - March 2024

Discovery Education - March 2024 Updates

Join BrainPOP Connect (Online) for NEW Updates!!

BrainPop Bulletin - February 2024 (Part 2)

Discovery Education - February 2024 Updates

BrainPop Bulletin - February 2024

Discovery Education - January 2024 Updates

BrainPop Bulletin - January 2024

Explore the IMS Lending Library

ClickView: Teach the STEELS standards with classroom-ready videos

IU13 Educational Technology Team Updates

Sora - Best Updates of 2023

BrainPop Bulletin - December 2023

Discovery Education - December 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - November 2023 Updates

Sora - Big Library Read - Fall 2023

Discovery Education - October 2023 Updates

BrainPop Bulletin - September 2023

Gale - Back-to-School 2023 Updates

Sora - Back-to-School 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - September 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - Summer 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - May 2023 Updates

ClickView April 2023 Update

Sora - Spring 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - April 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - March 2023 Updates

OverDrive Advantage Account Webinar

Discovery Education - Day of Discovery in Pennsylvania

Google's Answer to ChatGPT

Discovery Education - February 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - January 2023 Updates

Discovery Education - December 2022 Updates

Sora - Big Library Read 2022

Discovery Education - November 2022 Updates

Sora Updates You May Have Missed - October 2022

Discovery Education - October 2022 Updates

Discovery Education - September 2022 Updates

Back to School Resources from Discovery Education

BrainPOP Connect 2022

Back-to-School with Sora

Discovery Education Back-to-School Webinar Series

Discovery Education - Sneak Peak of 2022 Back-to-School Updates

2022 IU13 IMS Back-to-School Mini-Conference

OverDrive IP Changes

OverDrive and Sora - May Updates and Announcements

Discovery Education - May 2022 Updates

Discovery Education - Summer of Learning

2022 Sora Spring and Summer Updates

Discovery Education - April 2022 Updates

New BrainPOP Features: Pause Points & Immersive Reader!

Discovery Education - Spring 2022 Student Challenges

Discovery Education - March 2022 Updates

Discovery Education - February 2022 Updates

BrainPOP January 2022 Feature Release

Discovery Education - January 2022 Updates

Discovery Education - December 2021 Updates

Retirement of the Legacy OverDrive app

BrainPOP: Coding Beyond the Hour of Code

Free Pear Deck & EVERFI Lessons

Gale Databases - IMS Fall 2021 Showcase

Sora Training & Classroom Resources

CultureGrams & OverDrive - IMS Fall 2021 Showcase

BrainPop - IMS Fall 2021 Showcase

Big Library Read launches November 1st

Discovery Education - IMS Fall 2021 Showcase

Discovery Education - November Updates

IMS 2021 Fall Showcase

OverDrive and Teaching Books

Mac Updates for Sora and OverDrive

New Settings to Sora’s Main Menu

Introducing Sora Showcase from OverDrive

Discovery Education - October Updates

Common Sense Education - October Updates

Apple Education - September Updates

Edpuzzle - September Updates

Kami September Updates

What is Personalized Learning?

Remember the #WholeTeacher

IMS 2017-2020

Discovery Education May 2019 Updates

Elementary & Secondary Technology Conferences at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13

What is Personalized Learning? | IU13 Personalized Learning Academy

IU13 Personalized Learning Academy Kick-Off

Announcing ETC/STC 2018 Keynote!

Edcamp Lancaster 2018

Schoology ConnectPA was a success!

Schoology Connect PA

Elementary & Secondary Tech Conferences 2017 Reflections

Elementary & Secondary Technology Conferences 2017 Sessions are posted!

Calling for proposals for ETC and STC 2017!

#ISTE17 Reflections

Announcing our ETC17/STC17 Keynote

Summer 2017 IMS Workshops

Announcing our refreshed IMS 2017-2020

Atomic Learning for IU13!

IMS Spring 2017 Events

ETC16 & STC16 Reflections

Registration is now open for both our Elementary AND Secondary Technology Conferences!

IU13 IMS Consortia Website now live!

Welcome to our newest addition to the IMS - Gale Research Databases!

IU13 IMS Announces Discount BrainPop Pricing!

Calling for Proposals for our Elementary AND Secondary Technology Conferences 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week!

"Discovery Education is so much MORE than videos!" Part 2 - STEM Connect

Code.Org Workshop

"Discovery Education is so much MORE than videos!" SOS - Part 1

IMS March & April 2016 Events

What do you know about Hybrid Learning?

ETC & STC Reflections

The Elementary & Secondary Technology Conferences of 2015 Have Arrived!

Fall 2015 STARLAB Training

Google Certification Educator Level 2 Anyone?

Calling for Proposals for our Secondary Technology Conference 2015

Calling for Proposals for our Elementary Technology Conference 2015

Announcing our 2015 Keynote for the Elementary & Secondary Technology Conferences!

Reflections for Summer 2015 | What do you plan to do this summer?

IMS Events for May 2015

Cloud Anyone?

How do I keep up?

Safari Montage IPTV Lunch & Learn

IMS Events for March and April 2015!

Formative Assessments Gone Digital

PA Google Summit - Pre-Summits Announced

Keystones 2015 Nominations are open!

The Leadership Freak is coming to our Tech Media Integrator mtg. (March 2015)!

Check out the Pre-Summit (GAFE) Workshops

5 Distinct Media Types

Course Management System vs. Learning Management System

IU13 Hosts a PA Google Summit featuring Google for Education!

IMS Events in January and February 2015!

IU13 is moving to Google Apps for Education (Part 2)

IU13 is moving to Google Apps for Education (part 1)

Elementary Technology Conference 2014 Debrief

Digital Learning Day & Hour of Code

Elementary Technology Conference #iu13etc14 Sessions

What Teachers & Parents Need To Know About The Cloud

Announcing our Elementary Technology Conference on 12/9/14

Reaching all Learners Workshop

Schoology Workshops Announced

CultureGrams - 2014 Updates

Safari Montage 2014-2015 Upgrades

Calling for Proposals for our Elementary Technology Conference!

Tech Media Integrators 2014-2015 Meetings

Introducing NearPod!

IU 13 IMS Welcomes OverDrive!

May 20 2014 Tech Integrators/Media Specialists Mtg

May 2014 IMS Snapshot

April 22, 2014 Tech Integrator/Media Specialist Mtg.

Introducing the IMS 2.0

Starlab Training this Summer 2014

April 2014 IMS Snapshot!

Richard Byrne is coming to IU 13!

Looking for a great conference on E-Learning?

Safari Montage Announces Spring 2014 Webinars!

Here an App, There an App, Everywhere an APP APP!

Introducing the first IMS Summer Academy 2014!

Calling all Discovery Education Users!

March 2014 Tech Integrators/Media Specialists Meeting

Schoology Anyone?

1:1 Forum Feb 27, 2014 Mtg

Check out Discovery Education's Global Wraps and Board Builder

My #pete2014 Reflections

Virtual Tech Integrator/Media Specialist Meeting Recording/Notes

Virtual Technology Integrator/Media Specialist Feb 2014 Mtg.

Are you a PowToon user? Check out this new service for teachers!

What is the Starlab?

PA SketchUp Pro Licenses

1:1 Forum Update

Coaching Through the Stages

Keystones PA Program is Back! Calling all Principals!

Creating a QR code or Permanent link to your Safari Montage video

How will you celebrate Feb. 5, 2014 Digital Learning Day #DLDay?

LDAP Services for Discovery Education Use

Elementary Technology Conference Follow-Up

The President has an assignment for you!

CultureGrams LibGuide is now active!

Hour of Code

E-Learning Revolution Conference 2014

Google Forms Anyone?

Do you Teach or Do you Educate?

Discovery Education - Polar Bears International

Calling all k-6 Elementary Teachers!

How to embed links/files in a ActivInspire Flipchart

Put the I in the IWB

Creating ActiVote/ActivExpression Questions in ActivInspire

Access PA 2013-2014 Meetings

Technology Integrator/Media Specialists 2013-2014 Mtgs

1:1 Initiative Forum

Fall 2013 Workshops

IMS Teacher Packets

What is the IMS?

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