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Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Tue, May 7, 2019

IMSthumbnailIt is hard to believe that we are already finishing our second year of this current iteration of the IMS @IU13! As we continue to support the current version of the IMS, we are starting onsite meetings with districts to review current IMS data usage as well as all the tools/resources that are currently included with this version of the IMS.  We are looking forward to district feedback on how the IMS needs changed, revised, or altered in order to continually align with district needs and initiatives for the next cycle 2020-2025! Currently the IU13 IMS includes the following: 

BrainPOP Combo (pk-8)

Consortia Opportunities

CultureGrams (pk-12)

Discovery Education Streaming (pk-12)

Google Expeditions (pk-12)

Technology Integration/Media Consultation Workshops

OverDrive (pk-12)

Science Screen Report for Kids

Elementary / Secondary Technology Conferences

Tech Media Integrators’ Collaborative

Starlab Systems (pk-12)

Student Resources and Opposing Viewpoints in Context via Gale Cengage Learning (HS Only)

Librarians’ Collaborative

Courier Service and Interlibrary Delivery Service (IDS)

And more!

The following resources are being used to support the current version (2017-2020) of the IMS:

We look forward to meeting with districts this Spring/Summer/Fall of 2019 in order to learn which changes need to take place for the next IMS of 2020-2025!

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