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#ISTE17 Reflections

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Mon, Jul 10, 2017

It was amazing to experience the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference with 21,000 other participants this year in San Antonio, TX. While I am continually amazed at the passion, vigor, and energy levels of other ISTE members and participants, this year's conference did not disappoint. The keynotes inspired and challenges us to continue carrying the torch of making learning fun and interactive for today's students. Although there were many bells and whistles and "shiny new tools" to take a look at and review, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn from other leaders and educators on how they are moving their classrooms, schools, and districts to deeper levels of personalized learning. The concentration was definitely how to make learning FUN, engaging, and motivating for students - all centered on student learning with the constant reminder of developing relationships and trust.  A good leader "trusts" and may I even say "loves" his/her team was another great reminder via Darryl Adams, Superintendent, Technology Evangelist, Thought Leader, and Edutrainer & CEO. 

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Reflections for Summer 2015 | What do you plan to do this summer?

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Thu, Jun 11, 2015

It's hard to believe that summer has already begun for many!  Summer means many different things to different people, but for me summer has always been a time to reflect on the last year and how I can make next year even better!  Reflective practice is so important in education today as we continually evaluate what worked well last year, what didn't work so well, and what can we do to improve teaching and learning for next year!  How will you model life long learning for your students this summer?  I read a few blog posts suggesting activities and practices that all teachers should do over the summer and as I have reflected on those practices, here is my list of 6 must do summer activities:



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