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What do you know about Hybrid Learning?

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Thu, Jan 14, 2016

What does Hybrid Learning mean to you? In Education today, the word hybrid is being used in many different contexts usually referring to mixing or blending models/strategies/practices together in some way.  Just like when we think about a hybrid vehicle, we think about a car that has a gasoline engine and an electric motor, both which can be utilized to make the car run. In Education, we may use the term hybrid or blended classes to refer to some classes via brick and mortar (traditional classes on site in a building) and some classes entirely online (cyber education).  In this case, a student may experience a hybrid of traditional courses and cyber courses (fully online) Students may attend school for some traditional classes and then go online to attend virtual courses.  These are all the things I thought of when I was first introduced to Hybrid Learning in 2012. Since then, Hybrid Learning has taken on a whole new meaning!

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Topics: e-Learning, Hybrid Learning