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BrainPop Bulletin - December 2023

Posted by Tim Leister

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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

BrainPop Bulletin

The monthly BrainPOP Bulletin is designed to provide inspiration for your classroom. Every month, their bulletin will have fresh instructional ideas, classroom swag, and community announcements for classroom teachers. 

This Month's Question - How can your Teacher Reports drive more targeted instruction?

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Inform reteaching with data -

The teacher dashboard is the secret ingredient to your students’ success. Watch this month’s tip to learn how to use your data to pinpoint opportunities for more targeted, just-in-time instruction in one simple scan.


Try it today!

After assigning a Quiz, check the results in your Teacher Reports. You’ll be able to find trouble spots for students. Once you know those, finding which moments to reteach and return to in the Movie are a lot clearer. 


Also in this month's Bulletin...

Watch "Behind the BrainPOP Scenes" to meet the voice of Annie, and be sure to download free BrainPOP swag to have a big, orange robot to brighten up your classroom.

Information for this blog post is provided by our partners at BrainPop


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