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What is Personalized Learning?

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Wed, Mar 4, 2020

Personalized Learning has become quite a buzz word in educational circles right now as the focus turns to how we can provide deeper and more meaningful experiences for our students to reach them in ways that we perhaps have been unable to reach in prior years. Some people confuse personalized learning with forms of blended learning, although implementing a form of blended learning is indeed a stepping stone to help us move to creating more personalized learning environments for our students.

In order to seek clarity and provide focus, the IU13 Personalized Learning Academy has partnered with a number of national organizations who are following, contributing, researching, and supporting personalized learning across the world including, Aurora Institute (iNACOL), the Institute for Personalized Learning, Leap Innovations, The Learning Accelerator, and the Mass Customized Learning National Alliance. All of these organizations provide numerous resources and strategies available for administrators and teachers to use in order to support them on their journey to creating a personalized learning environment for their students (learners).

The IU13 Personalized Learning Academy brings together all of these national partners through the phase 1 of the Academy. Phase 1 is intended for leadership core administrative teams where district leaders learn all the different approaches, strategies, and models within this space. In addition, each leadership team develops and creates a WHY Personalized Learning statement and a WHAT is Personalized Learning statement for their district. Through the Action Planning process of phase 1 of the Academy, district leaders review the official definition of Personalized Learning as outlined by the Aurora Institute:

“Tailoring learning for each student’s strengths, needs and interests–including enabling student voice and choice in what, how, when and where they learn–to provide flexibility and supports to ensure mastery of the highest standards possible.” - AURORA Institute

In addition, during phase 1, district leaders focus on the 11 elements of Personalized Learning in order to determine which elements are of immediate focus and concern for improvement from their Action Plans. Hence, districts now have the stepping stones and direction for a multi-year plan. When districts first enter this space of personalized learning, it can be very overwhelming with everything that needs to be done to change systems and instructional practices; therefore, stepping stones are needed to embark on this journey from year to year that are measurable and aligned to the WHY and WHAT statements for Personalized Learning.

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Interested in learning more? Click here to check out the IU13 Personalized Learning Academy and all 3 Phases developed to support districts on their customized journey to creating a personalized learning environment for their communities.

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