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IU 13 IMS Welcomes OverDrive!

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Fri, May 23, 2014

We are very excited to announce that our IU 13 OverDrive "book shelf" has just gone live!  All IU 13 employees can log on using your IU 13 username and password information.  As we speak, a number of our districts have connected to our OverDrive account as well.  Throughout the next couple of weeks, the rest of our districts will connect to our shelf.

OverDrive provides thousands of eBooks filtered by reading grade levels and lexile levels.  All IU 13 educators and students will be able to access our OverDrive account to borrow an eBook.  You can use your kindle or OverDrive App if you like on your mobile device, or you can simple check out the title via OverDrive Read and have access to your title in any desktop, laptop, or mobile device browser.  You can practice "talk to the text" strategies in the browser as you highlight words or type notes directly on the text.  You can change the reading size and background colors to best fit your individual needs.  Perhaps you can't find a title you are looking for?  Check out the Collection titled Project Gutenberg (over 35,000 titles alone) or scroll to the bottom of the site and click on "find titles you want to recommend" that we could add to our shelf.

This our official OverDrive url (also found on the left side of this blog under resource links):

We are offering an OverDrive training for librarians only during our IMS Summer Academy on July 9th.  If you are still interested in attending, please register today:

AM Workshop Only:

Full Day Workshop:

Enjoy a summer of READING!

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