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Looking for a great conference on E-Learning?

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Mon, Mar 31, 2014

There are many things that I am looking forward to this summer including ISTE, IMS Summer Academy, PA HLI training & development, and the most exciting of all - the E-Learning Revolution Conference on June 24-25!

This conference is going to explore what personalized learning means in the digital-age classroom whether hybrid or completely online.  Many teachers across the nation have started to introduce blended learning instructional strategies in their curriculum and instruction.  Many of them are energized by how their students are reacting to this type of instruction.  Students are motivated to learn at their own pace and skill sets using adaptive technology to progress in their individualized learning paths. 

There is a nation wide movement that we are all part of in an ongoing effort to transform our classrooms preparing our students for a digital world that will offer jobs in which we don't really even know or yet understand in today's world. So, how do we prepare students for jobs that yet don't even exist?

What we do understand is that we need to equip our students with 21st century skill sets setting them up for success in a digital-age world . Our students need to have a firm understanding of how to be effective communicators, engage in high productivity and effective communication, all while being inventive, creative, collaborative both in real time face to face and online.

Will you consider taking 2 days this summer to explore what real personalized learning can look like in your classrooms?  There will be numerous sessions focusing on strategies and tools in which you can use to achieve your e-learning goals.  Register today to transform your classroom tomorrow!  

Check out our E-Learning Revolution Conference Website! Feel free to browse the keynote speakers information, session descriptions, and sponsors who plan on attending. 

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