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Discovery Education - November 2023 Updates

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Tue, Oct 31, 2023


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Here are some "Timely & Relevant" resources from Discovery Education for the month of November 2023. Use Discovery Education as your daily hub of resources for your classroom with digital media and ready-to-use learning activities. Be sure to log into your instance of Discovery Education before clicking on the links in this post.


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  • Check out the November 2023 DE Newsletter for a list of resources that supports student learning throughout the summer.  Click on the link above or the image to open and download this month's newsletter.


Explore the Ready-to-Use-Activities
  • Explore DE's ready-to-use activities These time-saving activities can be used as-is or modified to meet the needs of their classroom! From Background Builders to Sentence Fix-Its to Choice Boards and more – teachers can find quick grab and go resources to use anytime in the Instructional Activities Channel.

  • There you’ll find past month's Activity Calendars and this November's Activity Calendars for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5. Use them as they are or make your own copy to edit and share.


Monthly & Timely Celebrations

  • National Native American Heritage Month - Check out the Celebrating Native American Heritage Channel to "learn about Native American heritage all year long and experience the stories of modern-day activists, innovators, and leaders."
  • Veteran's Day (11/11) - Check out the Veteran's Day Channel - "Let's salute all who served in the military! Veterans Day began as a commemoration for those who served in World War II, and the day has grown to pay tribute to anyone who has served in the armed forces. This federal holiday gives citizens a chance to reflect on how war has shaped the United States and a space honor those who have fought for freedom."
  • Thanksgiving (11/23) - Check out the Thanksgiving Channel - "Let's give thanks for Thanksgiving! This annual holiday is based primarily in the United States and Canada, started as a day of gratitude for the harvest bounty. In this collection, consider the history and tradition of Thanksgiving. Additionally, browse through resources that highlight the evolving values, customs, and new interpretations of this holiday in modern times."


Upcoming Virtual Field Trip

  • Arctic Adventures: Polar Bears at Play - November 2, 2023 | 1:00pm ET | Grades K–8
    • Do polar bears play? Join us LIVE as the LEGO Group’s sustainability team, Polar Bears International and Discovery Education travel to Churchill Manitoba and the Polar Frontier Exhibit at the Columbus Zoo in search of polar bears at play! Students will meet polar bear and play experts as we uncover how arctic animals use play to learn just like humans, while inspiring students to use their voice to change their planet for the better. ​Learn more and register! 

DE Polar Bear Virtual FT

  • Bridge to the Future: A Virtual Field Trip into Extended Reality - November 9, 2023 | 1:00pm ET | Grades 6–12
    • Transport students to the possibilities of the immersive world while they virtually visit the Verizon Innovation Lab in Boston, Massachusetts to discover how XR is connecting people and redefining the possibilities of how we interact. Students will explore the differences between Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), and learn how XR is helping to revolutionize on-the-job training, gaming, entertainment, manufacturing and more. Learn more and register!

Information compiled in this update was provided by our partners at Discovery Education


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