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New Settings to Sora’s Main Menu

Posted by IU13 IMS

Fri, Oct 1, 2021

OverDrive recently redesigned and added new settings to Sora’s main menu, allowing students to further customize their reading experience. These settings include:

  • Sora updateAdjustable default lending periods: Students can select their preferred lending period for titles they check out in Sora. Once changed, this setting will apply to all future checkouts until changed again. Note: The options displayed are determined by the lending periods enabled in Marketplace settings.

  • Continue Reading Orb: A new toggle allows students to show or hide the shortcut orb that takes them to their most recently read book.

  • Tab Bar Labels: Students can now enable text icon labels for Sora’s four main tabs.

  • Search All Libraries: We moved this setting to the main menu. When enabled, this setting shows search results from all libraries a student adds in Sora. To help students discover more books, we automatically enabled it for any student who hadn’t disabled it previously.

Additionally, students can now see their checkout and hold limits for their main Sora collection.

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