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Discovery Education - April 2023 Updates

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Fri, Mar 31, 2023


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Here are some "Timely & Relevant" resources from Discovery Education for the month of April 2023. April is full of celebrations and we’ve got plenty of timely, engaging resources to share! Be sure to log into your instance of Discovery Education before clicking on the links below.


Timely Content for March04_April_Page_2
  • Save time with the DE April Newsletter for a curated list of resources that support timely events like Financial Literacy Month, Poetry Month, Holocaust Remembrance Day, World Health Day, Earth Day, and more. Click on the image to open and download this month's newsletter.


  • Explore DE's ready-to-use activities These time-saving activities can be used as-is or modified to meet the needs of their classroom! From Background Builders to Sentence Fix-Its to Choice Boards and more – teachers can find quick grab and go resources to use anytime in the Instructional Activities Channel.

  • There you’ll find the recent Activity Calendars, such as these for April, for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5. Use them as they are or make your own copy to edit and share.


Supplement Math Instruction with DE 
  • Did you know we have an entire collection of math channels to supplement math instruction in the classroom? From math vocabulary, to real-world applications, to problem solving strategies, and more! We’ve got a collection of channels, for Kindergarten through 12th grade, to support any lesson! Don’t miss those channels!  


Financial Literacy Month
  • Preparing future-ready students means helping them build the skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom. And what better way to help students focus on life skills than to celebrate Financial Literacy Month! Discovery Education has a wealth of resources to teach all students about money management, financial responsibility, and all about the economy. One example is the Pathways to Financial Success (6-12) Channel that focuses on financial responsibility, using credit wisely, making major financial decisions, and more. There are at least three PDF activities for each ‘area’, and is a great resource to deploy with students. 


Earth Day is April 22nd
  • This landing page has ready to use activities, interactive games and videos, and more that help all students grades K-12 become inspired to be the next generation of climate caretakers. Be sure to explore the four different teacher choice boards!

Earth Day 2023

World Health Day is April 7th
  • Empower students with strategies to manage stress, build confidence, manage healthy habits for hygiene and eating, and more in the Health Channel! This ready to use activity for K-2 students called “I am Special'' helps students identify traits that make us unique and special. The Future Well Kids Channel also has wonderful activities for students and families to teach them about choices that set them up for future health.


Virtual Field Trips
  • Changemakers in Action Virtual Field Trip (6-12) – April 11, 1PM ET: Registration is open! A spark of creativity is all it takes for hearts and minds to change. Meet students from around the country who are finding exciting ways to take creative action on issues they care deeply about and find out what inspires them to share their voice with others. Along the way, students will learn how to overcome doubt and embrace the joys of creative action.
  • The Courage to Act: Forming a Chain of Resistance Virtual Field Trip – April 27, 1PM ET: Registration is open! Celebrate students’ power to resist injustice in their world and contribute to a better future through their actions and decisions. The Resistance Virtual Field Trip empowers students to rise against injustice and embrace their own agency to right the wrongs they see around them—from small everyday actions to large-scale community movements.

Information compiled in this update was provided by our partners at Discovery Education


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