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Discovery Education - January 2022 Updates

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Mon, Jan 3, 2022


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Here are some "Timely & Relevant" January resources from Discovery Education to kick off the new year. Be sure to log into your instance of Discovery Education before clicking on the links below.


Daily Ready-to-use Activities

  • This month's calendar has ready-to-use activities for every day of the month to engage students with a variety of science, social studies, math, and ELA content. The ready-to-use activities combine the best of the SOS Strategies with high-quality content, giving you that magic formula for constructive, engaging activities that save teachers time. DE will release a new calendar each month with timely and relevant content, so be sure to subscribe to the Activity Center


This Month at DE

Jan 2022 Studio Board


Featured January Resources

  • National Science Fiction Day (Grades 6-12) - Share this podcast with students to learn about Octavia Butler, an author who forever changed the science fiction game. Explore other podcasts like this in the Encyclopedia Womannica Channel.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (All Grades) - Meet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a pastor who led and inspired African Americans to demand equal rights. Dr. King advocated peaceful methods of resistance to unfair laws, such as boycotting buses that forced African Americans to ride separately and leading a march to Washington, D.C., to call for jobs and freedom for all.

  • National Thesaurus Day (Grades K-5) - Follow the adventures of WordGirl as she fights off evil villains with superhuman powers and learns new vocabulary words every day.

  • National Holocaust Remembrance Day (All Grades) - USC Shoah Foundation is dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action. Explore the newly developed and innovative assets on The Willesden Project—learn the impact of a powerful narrative that we hold within ourselves the power to overcome hatred.



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