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Retirement of the Legacy OverDrive app

Posted by IU13 IMS

Wed, Dec 1, 2021


With most student checkouts already happening in Sora, OverDrive will soon start the process of retiring the legacy OverDrive app and encouraging all students to use Sora as the primary app to enjoy your digital collection.

The first step will be to remove the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store starting February 23, 2022. At the same time, the download links for the legacy OverDrive desktop app for Windows and Mac will be removed from


How this initial change will impact users

  • Current OverDrive app users (mobile and desktop) can continue to use the app.
  • New users looking for the OverDrive app will be directed to Sora.
  • All users can continue to use, borrow, and open titles from your school’s OverDrive website via a browser until we begin further migration to Sora.

What happens next
Your school should actively promote Sora and remove references to the OverDrive app from school websites and promotional materials. In future phases, we will encourage OverDrive app users to switch to Sora, with a goal of moving most over by the end of 2022. We are committed to supporting a smooth transition for you and your students and will send you updates on the plans and timing for the eventual retirement of the OverDrive app.

Helping you prepare
Please visit the Resource Center for helpful materials, including Sora promotional kits, staff training resources, classroom activities, self-paced learning modules, and more. We encourage you to start using these materials now in preparation for this update.


This post was adapted from communication directly from OverDrive Education

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