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ClickView: Teach the STEELS standards with classroom-ready videos

Posted by IU13 IMS

Fri, Dec 8, 2023

All IU13 schools and staff now have access to new STEELS standards-aligned videos for every grade level.

ClickView is home to curated, standards-aligned videos for every subject and grade level. The platform makes it easy for teachers to find the perfect video for any lesson in seconds.

ClickView produces original content and licenses videos from the world’s best producers, so teachers and students can access classroom-ready videos in one place. The videos come with high-quality interactive quizzes and learning resources to help teachers create engaging lessons.

Videos mapped to the STEELS Standards

ClickView’s videos are mapped to the STEELS standards so teachers can cover the new topics with confidence. Find a STEELS-aligned video for any grade, subject, or topic.

ClickView helps improve the efficiency of instructional video content for districts within Lancaster-Lebanon IU13. The interactive features and insightful analytics guide data-driven instruction in the classroom.

IU13 has partnered with ClickView to help:

  • equip teachers with high-quality videos and resources to cover learning standards.
  • create consistency and collaboration in the way they use video.
  • ensure students only access appropriate, properly vetted, and ad-free videos.

You can learn more and access ClickView by visiting the ClickView Welcome page.

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