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My #pete2014 Reflections

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Thu, Feb 13, 2014

PETE & C (Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference) was an amazing conference this year!  I have attended for a number of years, but for some reason this year has made a much larger impact on me.  Could it be the incredible DEN speakers at the pre-conference DEN event, the amazing Keynote speakers each morning, or the countless sessions I attended where I learned so much more than I had know before I attended?  I am still trying to put my finger on what made this year at #pete2014 so different, but I must say, "What a ride"!  I was challenged, prepared, honored, impressed, and amazed at how many incredible educators were there willing to share, collaborate, investigate, and learn from one another.  Indeed, "Learning is social"! Thank you to all those who made #pete2014 a tremendous success this year.  This Storify sums up my adventure!

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