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Wrap up the 2024 School Year with Sora!

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Tue, May 28, 2024




Wrap up the 2024 School Year with Sora!


IU13 School Librarians - Watch this short 3-minute video to prepare you for summer break reading with Sora!

Sora Updates 2024 Summer
Content Updates 

  • Don't miss out on Sora's current and upcoming sales:
  • Work with teachers to compile lists of books that will be used for Summer Reading. Create links to these specific titles or entire lists so students know what to read while away from school.

Promote Sora Sweet Reads

  • Tell your students and staff about our annual, free summer reading program, available now until August 26th.
  • Does your school have a newsletter? Include a blurb about Sora Sweet Reads and click the link above for more print ready, promotional materials.


Sora / Training Updates 


For assistance? 

  • If any help is needed or to have a specific list of titles you want to make available to your students, email our IU13 Sora Account Manager, Meredith Wemhoff, at


Information compiled in this update was provided by our partners at Sora


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