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Introducing the IMS 2.0

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Wed, Apr 16, 2014

We are very excited to announce our Instructional Media Services 2.0 coming to a school district near you! From valuable district feedback, we recently updated & revamped the IMS in order to continue to meet district’s current needs and initiatives. Our IMS 2.0 focuses on supporting the 21st century skills, digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, high productivity, and effective communication. Through the use of CultureGrams, our students can travel to exquisite places in the world, researching new cultures, languages, foods, and customs. Through Discovery Education, students create amazing digital poster boards where they post videos, text, and images of content skill sets learned in the classroom k-12 aligned to the standards. Students can travel across the “Reading Rainbow” and learn new skills and programs via having exclusivity to PBS videos through Safari Montage. Furthermore, students can explore the galaxies, constellations, Biology cells, plate tectonics, and Greek Mythology using one of our four Starlabs. No matter if students are studying world languages, math, science, language arts, humanities, social studies, or any other electives, our IMS 2.0 provides materials and resources for everyone. Our new addition, OverDrive, will carry our literacy book bag collections into the 21st century by providing access to eBook publications from the number one eBook provider to libraries in the world. Not only will students enjoy many fiction titles, they will have access to nonfiction titles supporting the standards and lexile reading levels. OverDrive Read will enable teachers to “talk to the text” showing students how to annotate on eBooks taking notes in the classroom setting or enable students to check out eBooks via their own devices Android, IOS, Windows, or any browser. Explore the IMS 2.0 as we provide updates and continual support via for all our IMS members on our IMS Blog

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