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Announcing our refreshed IMS 2017-2020

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Thu, Apr 27, 2017

In order to ensure that our current Instructional Media Services (IMS) Tools/Resources align with district needs and initiatives, we reevaluate current services every three years. All 22 member districts were asked to elect one or two representatives that would serve on our IMS Focus Group to help evaluate our current IMS. Our group was made up of Assistant Superintendents, Technology Coordinators, Principals, Media Specialists, and Technology Integrators/Coaches. This group began meeting last Spring of 2016 and then in the Fall of 2016. They had the opportunity to fully evaluate our current tools/resources and help determine which ones we wanted to continue moving into the next 3 year cycle that align with district needs, initiatives, strategies, and environments. After a lot of collaborative work and meetings, recommendations began to form. Finally, the process ended in an official vote from each district on the new recommendations in Dec 2016. Starting in 2017, district members received the opportunity to review and provide comments on the recommendations from our IMS Focus Group. As of the end of April 2017, all final approvals have been received.  We are very pleased to be offering the following IMS resources for the next three year cycle of 2017-2020 (the order is alphabetical):

  1. BrainPop Combo (new)
  2. Discovery Education Streaming Plus (renewed)
  3. Gale Cengage Learning Research Databases - Student Resources in Context & Opposing Viewpoints in Context (new)
  4. Google Expedition Kits - 30 classroom Virtual Reality sets (new)
  5. OverDrive (renewed)
  6. ProQuest Database - CultureGrams (renewed)
  7. STARLAB Portable Planetariums (renewed)

We will be offering a number of summer workshops in order to support our new IMS resources above.  Registration is available via MyLearningPlan.

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