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IU13 is moving to Google Apps for Education (part 1)

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Sun, Jan 4, 2015

We are very excited to begin the process of migrating to Google Apps for Education for all Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 employees.  You might ask, What is Google Apps for Education?  Click here for some published Q&A about Google Apps for Education. There are some great benefits that all IU13 employees will experience once this migration is complete.

  1. Your new IU13 Google account will be SSO (Single Sign On) which means that it will always be aligned to your current IU13 username and password.  When you change your password, your IU13 Google account will also automatically change.
  2. As you share Googledocs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., everyone in our IU13 directory will show so you can easily find colleagues accounts and share with them.
  3. When others outside of IU13 share their files with IU13 employees, it will be easy for them to figure out what your Google account is since it is the same as your IU13 email address.  It makes sharing a whole lot easier!
  4. Under the Google Apps for Education domain, Google must comply with data security (FERPA) and will not data mine accounts. Services are used in compliance with COPPA.
  5. Ads are turned off in Google Apps for Education so users will not see ads when using Google Search inside our Google Apps for Education.
  6. Google Apps for Education services do not collect any information from users for advertising purchases.
  7. Feel free to check out more benefits of going to Google Apps for Education.

So, what do you need to do in order to get ready for this migration?


Step 1:
We realize that there are a number of IU13 employees who already have created a personal Google account using the email address as your account username/email address.  For those of you who have used your email address as your account username, it will benefit you greatly to disassociate your email address from this account prior to migrating to IU13 Google Apps for Education. If you do not change your email address, Google will change it for you to something you may not want.  In addition, it may cause additional problems in your new IU13 Google account if you don't change your personal account prior to the migration.  Check out this tutorial video below to learn how to change your Google Account email address or click on this link to view a step by step written instructions tutorial:


If you do not have a Google Account, you do not need to do anything at this point.


Once IU13 Google Apps for Education is turned on for all IU13 employees, you will be able to share everything you have in your personal Google account to your new IU13 Google Apps for Education account.  Stay tuned for more details and tutorials. 

Important Note: Will will NOT be using the Gmail component of Google Apps for Education; however, all the other Google Apps will be available including Googledocs, slides, sheets, forms, and more.

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