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Here an App, There an App, Everywhere an APP APP!

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Mon, Mar 24, 2014

One of the popular Open Space Topics at our Tech Integrator/Media Specialists Mtgs this year has been Apps!  Which apps are you using to increase productivity, creativity, and collaboration?  Which apps are you using for formative assessment?  Many of us are involved in iPAD implementations at various levels, whether the special education department all received iPADS this year or one particular classroom teacher or grade level.  Or even, maybe your entire building received iPADS in an 1:1 implementation. Whichever might be your current scenario, we have a great day of collaboration that you don't want to miss.  IU13 IMS is announcing our first iPAD Collaboration Day on May 2, 2014 from 9 am - 3 pm at IU13 Conference Training Center.  We are partnering with Apple INC. for an inspiring, motivating, and collaborative day sharing best practices and apps when using an iPAD in the classroom.  This day will be a mixture of sit and reflect, and bring something to share with everyone in the true spirit of collaboration.  Imagine sitting with other teachers who teach the same grade level or subject as you do sharing the apps they like best for their classroom.  Imagine getting time to learn from one another sharing what has worked and what has not worked out so well while using iPADs in the classroom.  What a great day this will be!

Administrators and teachers who are using or investigating using iPADS in the classroom are welcome to attend our iPAD Collaboration Day.  The morning session will be provided by Apple Inc. to explain how Apple’s ecosystem supports education.  After our session with Apple Inc., we will break up into collaboration sessions by grade/subject levels for teachers to share their most exciting apps they are using at their specific levels of interest.  Apple Inc. will attend the breakout sessions to provide support.  After lunch on your own, Apple Inc. will provide an overview of collaboration, productivity, and creativity apps.  After the Apple Inc. overview, we will break out into collaborative sessions having teachers share and learn their most exciting collaboration, productivity, and creativity apps across grade/subject levels.  Apple Inc. will wrap up our iPAD Collaboration Day with a final session on where is Apple going next?

Our working agenda for the day is as follows:

                I.    Welcome & Overview of Agenda
                       ~ Ken Zimmerman    

               II.    How does Apple’s Ecosystem Support Education?
~ Apple Inc.

              III.    Collaboration Break Out Session 1
~ Administration
                      ~ k-5th grades
                      ~ 6th-8th grades
                      ~ 9th-12th grades

              IV.    Lunch on your own

               V.    Collaboration, Productivity, and Creativity Arena
~ Apple Inc.

              VI.    Collaboration Break out Session 2
                      ~ Collaboration Apps
                      ~ Productivity Apps
                      ~ Creativity Apps

             VII.    Where will Apple take us next?
~ Apple Inc.

Click here to register on mylearningplan.

Don't forget to bring your iPAD with you on May 2, 2014!

Topics: Workshops, PD, 1:1