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BrainPop Bulletin - January 2024

Posted by Tim Leister

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Tue, Jan 2, 2024

BrainPop Bulletin

The monthly BrainPOP Bulletin is designed to provide inspiration for your classroom. Each month's bulletin has fresh instructional ideas, classroom swag, and community announcements for classroom teachers. 

This Month's Question - How can multilingual learners get extra support?



The Frayer Model for multilingual learners 

  • Give your multilingual learners the support they need with this simple, time-saving strategy. In this month’s tip, we’re combining BrainPOP’s Make-a-Map tool with the Frayer Model to explore how to build academic vocabulary and provide flexibility.  View the video in the monthly bulletin to learn how!


Bonus Tip!

  • Make-a-Map projects can be printed or saved in student accounts, so your learners can always return to their models when they need them. Log into BrainPop to try it out!


Also in this month's Bulletin...

  • Watch Tim & Moby answer the question - "What is #TeacherMath?" 

Information for this blog post is provided by our partners at BrainPop


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