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CultureGrams - 2014 Updates

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Thu, Jul 10, 2014

Screen_Shot_2014-07-10_at_9.32.08_AMHave you visited CultureGrams lately?  ProQuest CultureGrams is brought to you via our IMS 2.0 and is an excellent informational database of primary source documents/information. CultureGrams includes World Edition, Kids Edition, States Edition, and Provinces Edition.  In order to write articles for the country, ProQuest requires the author to live or have lived in the specific country within 4 years.  Are you looking for up to date information, maps, economy & comparrison graphs, interviews, gestures, customs, images, recipes, videos, curriculum and lesson planning resources, and so much more?  CultureGrams is your one stop shop for all your cultural and information needs no matter your content.

Teachers are using CultureGrams from all grade levels in a multitude of subjects world wide.  Check out what's new in 2014 so far by click on this link.

CultureGrams also provides read to speech and other accesibility needs as well!

Remember while using CultureGrams in your IU 13 IMS member school, you do not need to log in because CultureGrams is IP authenticated while accessing in your school buildings.  If you are accessing CultureGrams from home, your school librarian has the username and password credentials you will need to use.

Check out the CultureGrams LibGuide!

Enjoy a grand exploration while you continue to use CultureGrams for your curriculum needs!

Welcome to CultureGrams World Edition!
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