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Gale - Back-to-School 2023 Updates

Posted by Tim Leister

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Fri, Sep 1, 2023


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The Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 IMS provides districts with access to two popular research databases, Student Resources in Context and Opposing Viewpoints in Context for the secondary-level researchers. These resources provide federated searches to help turn learners into researchers, thinkers, and debaters.

Information for this 2023 Back-to-School Update is provided by our partners at Gale. Check out the full PA August Edition of the Gale Goodness Newsletter from our IU13 representative, Tracy McCreadie. IU13 districts can reach out to her directly concerning changes to their GALE resources through POWER Library. Any educator can sign up here for a virtual or in-person meeting with her to talk through your specific needs.


Need a quick video or tip sheet to share for Back-to-School?

"Gear up for the new school year and engage your students with Gale In Context! Diverse content including reference articles, multimedia materials, news papers, and more support not only student research but also classroom instruction. Explore what Gale has to offer, including our supplemental teaching materials here!"

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Market you GALE Resources

"It is a new year! How can you share your resources with your teachers, team, and community? Here is a quick webinar to get some ideas!"


Gale In Context Primary Source Lesson Plans

"Teach historical contextualization and author's point of view while harnessing the skill of analyzing Primary Sources using Gale In Context. These lesson plans provide examples of skill building activities while learning about key historical figures and events."


Information for this blog post is provided by our partners at Gale


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