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OverDrive IP Changes

Posted by IU13 IMS

Tue, May 17, 2022




Announcement: OverDrive will be updating their network configuration on October 10, 2022.


Action required by School Districts

School Districts may currently be allowing,, and through their firewall for OverDrive to connect with their ILS/LMS to authenticate users during the sign in process. If so, districts need to update their firewall before October 10, 2022, to allow the following subnet: This will ensure there is no disruption for users. For now, please continue to allow,, and through your district's firewall. If your authentication service is hosted offsite by your ILS/LMS vendor, we recommend contacting them to confirm the updated IP addresses.

Additionally, in rare circumstances, some institutions filter outbound network access to specific IP addresses. If your institution does this, you will need to add to your allow list to ensure your users can still access OverDrive from within your network after this change.

OverDrive will send a follow up message in October confirming that this migration is complete and it is safe to remove the legacy IP addresses from your firewall. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team via the Authentication Support button under the Support tab in OverDrive Marketplace.

The above information was provided by OverDrive


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