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Check out Discovery Education's Global Wraps and Board Builder

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Fri, Feb 14, 2014

When is the last time you visited Discovery Education?  There are two newer features that I want to draw to your attention, Global Wraps and Board Builder.  Global Wraps are updated video segments of current events that are occurring all over the world.  Want to show some video footage of the State of the Union Address, the Polar Vortex, or the Olympics -  Global Wraps is your tool!  The latest one that was just uploaded is from 2/12/14, just two days ago, covering the US visit from the French President, US Farm Bill, US No Change for Immigration, and more from Switzerland, Syria, Russia, and the Marshall Islands.  Don't miss this great add on to your Discovery Education account!

The other tool that I want to bring to your attention is Board Builder.  Click on Builder Tools and Board Builder.  Board Builder allows students to create an online poster in which they can embed Discovery Ed videos and images.  Students can also upload their own images and files to their boards and share with the entire class/teacher.  What a great way to meet the 21st century skills of high productivity and effective communication allowing students to create, invent, and share their work with one another.

Check out this video introducing both tools:

Check out this quick tutorial how do guide for teachers:

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