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Creating a QR code or Permanent link to your Safari Montage video

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Wed, Jan 8, 2014

Are you aware that you can access a permanent link to a particular video clip in Safari Montage?  When you access a video in Safari Montage, there is a link you can click on titled, permanent link.  You can copy and paste this link into your LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Schoology), blog, and/or wiki for your students to access.  The permanent link will still require students to log in to Safari Montage after they click on the link. 

What's new to IU 13 Safari Montage account membership?

1.  QR codes have been turned on.  This means that when you click on the permanent link to a video, you will also see a QR code that you can you copy/paste anywhere for your students to access.

2. Playlists have been shared IU 13 wide!  If you create a playlist, this will enable everyone in the IU to see and access your playlist.  What a great way to collaborate!  Once a playlist is created, please send Ken Zimmerman a quick email indicating that you posted a playlist so your playlist can be released right away.  Unfortunately, this step has to be in place and all playlists have to be approved.  In the spirit of collaboration, your playlist will be approved!

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how to access Safari Montage and the permanent link & QR codes to each video:

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