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Introducing the IMS IU 13 Blog!

Posted by Ken Zimmerman

Fri, Oct 4, 2013

Welcome to the Instructional Media Services Blog @ IU 13!  The purpose of this blog is to provide IU 13 IMS members updates of tools and services.  In addition, this blog will serve as a repository of all things Instructional Technology & Digital Media.  Check back frequently for updates on IMS and Instructional Technology support.

Are you looking for something in particular?  Please locate the tags section on the right hand side and click on the specific tag (category) of information in which you are seeking.

In addition, do you want to stay automatically updated on whenever a new update is published? Consider subscribing to this blog via the RSS Feed option located at the top of this page (beside Current Articles. What is RSS you ask? 

RSS Feed We are starting to see these three letters all over the place.  RSS (Rich Site Summary) Many blogs, news sites, and other websites syndicate themselves to an RSS feed which means that you can subscribe to some one’s blog by clicking on the RSS.  This means that whenever the publisher of the blog or website update the content on their blog, you will get immediate notification of that content.  You don’t have to go directly to all the blogs or websites to read the new content — the content comes to you!

How do you use RSS?
Whenever you come across a blog or website that you especially like, find the RSS waves symbol and click on it.  When you click on it, you will then see a series of posts you can subscribe to.  Select, subscribe to this feed!  You will have the option to either have the RSS feeds come to your Internet Browser (usually the RSS category under your favorites or bookmarks) or to your email.  So, whenever the author of the blog or website posts content, you will receive an email of this post instead of having to go check the blog directly.

Take a look at this quick explanation:

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