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Virtual Classroom during Covid-19

Posted by Anne Weiss on Apr 1, 2020 1:08:40 PM

Since the suspension of classes beginning the week of March 16th, HSE (high school equivalency) teachers and students alike have been embracing new technology in order to learn as a community online. 

Teachers had regularly used Whatsapp to connect with students and had instructed students on the use of Khan Academy before classes were suspended. When classes switched to online, teachers quickly learned Zoom, a video communications platform, and students were excited and willing to try it out. With all new things, there were glitches, but no one gave up! 

Teachers also began utilizing  Google Classroom, which allows teachers and students to share access to class assignments, course material, and feedback. 

With a variety of online platforms offering free use during the pandemic, students have had the opportunity to try new apps, such as Learning Upgrade, and online platforms, such as KET

In addition to the benefit of using technology to learn, Zoom and Google Classroom allow students to become familiar with interfaces that are likely to be used in future careers and post-secondary experiences.

Topics: Adult Education, HSE | GED | HiSET