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IU13 Community Education Blog

Student Spotlight - Duane Good

Posted by Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting on May 29, 2020 11:19:12 AM

Duane Good is no stranger to a busy lifestyle. He is a father who works during the day and attends classes at the IU13 in the evening. On top of that, he holds two volunteer first responder positions! Duane is a volunteer firefighter with Mt Zion Fire Department, Lebanon County, and a volunteer EMT with Bethel Community Ambulance, Berks County.  
Duane is currently a student in Ken Travis’s evening HSE class.
Despite his work in dispatching and manufacturing at Schnupp’s Grain Roasting, Duane also makes classwork a priority. Ken says that Duane is a faithful student who regularly attends classes and individual tutoring sessions as well as works independently on supplemental distance learning platforms. 
Duane has been a first responder for 14 years. His desire to help other people and the excitement of the job description drew him to serve. Although it’s sometimes challenging to balance all of his responsibilities, Duane says, “Overall, my family is very supportive of me volunteering. My job allows me to run fire calls during the day, so that is very nice. My classes are tough to get in, but I know that I need to do them to reach my goal.” 
Duane plans to begin HiSet testing soon to meet his goal of achieving his High School Equivalency diploma. The staff at Lebanon IU13 are already very proud of his commitment to his community and education. Thank you, Duane, for your service to our community, especially during these historic times! 

Topics: Adult Education, HSE | GED | HiSET