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IU13 Community Education Blog

New! English Conversation Club

Posted by Silvia Hildesheim on May 29, 2020 10:49:47 AM

ESL students and teachers from different classes come together once a week to practice conversation, relax, and just have fun! Level 1 teacher Silvia tells us more about the club,  “Conversation club is a time for us to connect, see each other, and practice English while schools are closed. The pandemic has reduced the time students get to spend with each other practicing English, so we started the club after getting requests from students for more informal practice. The students lead the club and the conversations. We talk about whatever they have on their minds. One week, right after Mother’s Day, we talked about our families and shared how we celebrated and connected with our mothers on Mother’s Day. We also discussed how Mother’s Day is different around the world. Another week, we spent the whole club talking about a student’s quarantine haircut!! Conversation Club puts a smile on all our faces and helps us maintain our school community. I know I walk away from Conversation Club with my spirits just a little bit lighter.”

Topics: Adult Education, esl