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Meet Our Student Advisor Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting

Posted by Anne Weiss on Apr 1, 2020 1:28:08 PM

In addition to supervisors, instructors, and program assistants, each IU13 Community Education site has a Student Advisor. Students first meet their advisor at orientation so they receive support at the very beginning. Initial and ongoing goal setting, barrier support services, transition support services, and student support services are all part of the advisor’s day-to-day responsibilities. Upcoming blog articles will feature the advisor at each site.

Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting

  • Why is your name so long? My parents wanted to make my life more difficult ;) Just kidding, I have both my mom’s name and my dad’s name with a hyphen in between. 
  • How long have you been with IU13 Community Education? Since September 2019
  • What is most rewarding about your role as a student advisor? Helping students through the process of studying for, scheduling, and taking their HiSet tests. I love seeing the joy on their faces when they find out they passed!
  • What is most challenging about your role as a student advisor? I wear many different hats so I have to carefully balance my time between orientations, 1:1 meetings, classroom visits, tracking and entering data, making connections in the community, and many other tasks. 
  • What’s the most important piece of advice someone gave you? Don’t compare yourself to others - follow your own internal compass (my mom)
  • What was your first job? Tutoring a family friend’s daughter in pre-algebra
  • What do you do in your free time? Play and coach roller derby, hang out with my pets, and eat good food!
  • What’s in your fridge right now? Sadly nothing too amazing as I’m trying to cut down my sugar intake (I have a HUGE sweet tooth that’s getting out of control)

Topics: Adult Education, Meet Our Advisors