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Good Job, Happy Family - RCCSR

Posted by Khem Subedi on Dec 7, 2020 10:18:38 AM

IU13 Community Education is excited to announce a partnership with Church World Service (CWS) Lancaster for a new grant CWS received titled "Good Job, Happy Family". IU13 will provide education navigation services through this four-year grant. The Education Navigator, under the umbrella of the Refugee Center at Reynolds Middle School, operated by the IU13, will assist refugee children and adults in successfully integrating into education in the U.S. This service is similar to current services provided by navigators; however, the Education Navigator's primary focus will be on TANF-eligible children and adults referred by the CWS Extended Case Manager based on the family's service plan and goals. 

The Education Navigator will work collaboratively with the CWS Extended Case Manager to assess the current school and academic needs and goals in coordination with the family's goals. The Education Navigator will advocate for student equitable access to education in partnership with the refugee families they serve and offer professional development for school staff on effective ways to engage with refugee students. In consultation and collaboration with the CWS Extensive Case Manager based on the family's overall service plan, the Education Navigator will assist students to succeed in their new society.  

Click here to learn more about the Refugee Center and Community School.

Khem Subedi, Community School Facilitator

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