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Safety Solutions

Do We Really Need More Hardware and Technology?

I'm Back

When Disaster Strikes...Think About Business Continuity

The Little Things Do Matter... Looking for Angry and Unplugged


Free Active Shooter Training Video for Schools

Student Protests...A Teachable Moment About Civics

911 or ChildLine?

A Gift From Harrisburg- Updates to Chapter 10 Safe Schools

The Saving Power of the Reverse Evacuation...

The Dark Web (and other creepy stuff on the internet to watch for)

Active Killers and Schools- A Refresher

Are we really watching the playground?

Reviewing Your Large Group Event Response

Reducing Student Stress and Trauma During Evacuation and Sheltering Events

Internationally Recognized School Safety Expert Coming to Lancaster, PA!

You Know What They Say About Assuming....

To Many Hats; How Do I Give Justice to Safety & Security Training?

Reviewing Your All Hazards Plan- A Good Summer Project for Administrators

Crashing the Truck into the Entrance of Your School

"So What Exactly Happened on the School Bus?"

A Friendly Reminder to Our Coworkers During Snow Events

Student Violence and Suicide Workshop; Scott Poland is coming to Lancaster on March 23,2017

Trauma Sensitive Schools; Helping Kids Heal

I Keep Finding Exterior Doors Unlocked. Three Tips That Will Help

"Is it child abuse every time a student has a mark on them?"  A few thoughts to consider

New Year...New Start; Three Things to Consider When Working With Your All Hazards Plans

Is your school's All Hazards Plan in Compliance with Chapter 10 of the PA School Code?

Evil Showed Up at the Basketball Game...Four Things to Consider

Walking Off Campus- Are They Really "On Their Own"?

Taking a Knee in Protest...a Few Things to Consider

Two Ways to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Three Things to Consider When Planning a Reverse Evacuation

So Evil Just Showed Up at the Friday Night Football Game...Now What!

Three Considerations When Planning Your Next Fire Drill

Three Ways to Help Teachers Manage Hostile Parents

Get Real: Understanding School Bomb Threats Part Three

Get Real:  Understanding School Bomb Threats Part Two

Get Real! Understanding School Bomb Threat

An Introduction to Get Real: Understanding School Bomb Threats

When Evil Shows Up on A School Bus

Walkin' the Walk

Explaining Orlando to our kids

Until a Few Things Get Sorted Out...Transgender Issues and Public Restrooms

Paper Towel Boxes and Rolling Chairs... Two Great Ways to Kill a Summer

Child Catchers Don't Take the Summer Off

Man the Life Boats...In the Middle of the Desert!  Why?

Lifeguards Are Never Supposed to Drown!

Old Time Wanted Posters...What A Bad Guy Must Look Like

Watch out for the Elephants!

Access for visitors... Fort Knox or your neighborhood school?

It's  All About Communication..... A Word from Punch Alert About                   Emergency Communication

Transgender Issues and School Safety & Security...a Time for Understanding and Kindness

The Silent Killer

There are too many vendors knocking at my door

Don't Forget to Update your All Hazards Plan- Act 71

The Monthly Five Minute Building Wide Hazards Drill For Your School

"Nothing is much to be feared as fear"

Evacuation Drill something more than just a fire drill


Security 100 Summits K-12 Conference; Staying Current with K-12 Safety and Security

Killers Among Us...Do Something!

School bus seat belts...now what?

Situational Awareness; the foundation for any response

"Based on what we know now..."

PA Megan's Law... It's More Than Just for Kids!

Big Bird to the Rescue!

Don't  Forget About Me!

"Mom...Dad, I'm pledging to a....." NOW WHAT?

Accidents Happen...Now What?

We Can Learn From The Three Little Pigs

Sit Back and Watch... It is Amazing What You Learn

Will Your Phone Work When the Lights go Out?...

We're sorry this number is no longer in service.....

Talk About "Life Skills" not "School Skills"

Check that one off the list...updating your police MOU

It's Sad to NOT be Included... what about the young women who don't go onto college?

Ironing Out the Details... Act 71 and public schools

Situational Awareness...look up!

Does Your College Really Take Safey and Security Seriously?

Simplify Your Safety/Diaster Committees

When the Pressure is On; An Easy to Understand Classroom Emergency Guide For You

College Zero Tolerance Policies: Are They Negatively Impacting Sexual Assault Reporting Rates?

Fun in the Sun...Not the ER!

Off-Campus Housing...a picture is worth a thousand words!

Do Schools Really Need Drawbridges?

Lockdown... Don't SIT DOWN!

Is It O.K. to Laugh?

Your College's Emergency Notification System

Title IX and Sexual Assault; Understanding a Student's Options

The Three Things You Need to Know Before Going Into a Volatile Meeting

How a Scrap of Wood Can Save Your Life

Checking it off the list...

Number One College Campus Crimes... Not Sexual Assaults or Alcohol Related

I Want My Child To Go To A Safe College...Can The Clery Report Help?

Sexual Assault Through The Eyes of a Student

Reasonable Foreseeability and Safety Preparedness

Kids Need Life Skills...Not Just School Skills

Spring Cleaning Your Classroom Emergency Guides

Do We Really Manage Disasters While They are Happening?

What's a Good Age to Start Talking to Students About Safety?

Airports and Education... Both Grounded by Bomb Threats. How are social media threats impacting our schools?

Emergency Preparedness Training... Is It Really Just "Common Sense"?

It's About Strangeness... Not Strangers; What We Really Need to Teach Our Children

Understanding Tipping Points in Emergency Planning

Believe it or not...Schools Are Actually a Pretty Safe Place!

Launching the new Safety and Security Blog

Effective Safety Solutions

The IU13 Safety and Security team offers resources for affordable and practical solutions which have been created "by educators, for educators." Let us help you navigate the challenging waters of safety and security in your school, business, or civic organization.

Today, educators and administrators are being asked to do so much more than “just teach.” Safety and security management is one of many new hats educators are asked to wear.   - See more at: http://www.iu13.org/administrators/administrative-and-management-services/hr/safety/#sthash.ibVUiczC.dpuf

IU13’s SafetySolutions4Schools (SS4S) can help. We are a resource for affordable and practical solutions which have been created “by educators for educators.” Let us help you navigate the challenging waters of safety and security in your school.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from All Hazards Plan design to general safety and security consulting to an ever-growing of variety of training in key areas for your staff.   

- See more at: http://www.iu13.org/administrators/administrative-and-management-services/hr/safety/#sthash.ibVUiczC.dpuf

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