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Therapy Connect provides accessible, high-quality services for preschool and school-age students in need of speech and occupational therapy, hearing and vision support, and mental health counseling. The program supports students ages 3 to 21, with mild to complex needs. Services are provided "online" by a certified member of our staff!

What is Therapy Connect?

Therapy Connect uses video conferencing platforms to create a connection between student and educator. From assessment to intervention to consultation, Therapy Connect provides digital interactions that generate the same (or better) personal engagement as traditional therapy sessions.  Programs are offered for groups and/or individuals, based on student's need.

Available Services:

Speech Therapy Hearing and Vision Support
Occupational Therapy Mental Health Counseling

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  • iStock_000016909954_Full.jpgProvided Technology: Therapy Connect uses video conferencing technology. Students enrolled in Therapy Connect will be provided all of the required equipment and resources, assistance with set up and an orientation session. Technical support is available to therapists and parents.

  • Privacy: The highest security settings are used to ensure each child’s session remains private.

  • Adult Interaction: Therapy Connect allows parents or caretakers to play an active role in treatment sessions. Parent involvement assists in developing and generalizing skills outside of treatment sessions.


Therapy Connect uses a variety of digital activities to create a connection with each student. Digital media adds the element of "fun" for all users.

Our staff gets to know each student individually and customize each session to maximize engagement and success.

Children love to learn with through digital media! They are naturally attracted to it!


There are many benefits to using Therapy Connect, including:

  • Increased flexibility in scheduling
  • Access to highly qualified and trained staff, focused on individual goals
  • Increased comfort for students working in a familiar environment
  • Increased student engagement

Discover Therapy Connect

Discover Therapy Connect Services


"Visit" Therapy Connect in Action!

"Visit" Therapy Connect therapy sessions!


Experience That Matters

The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) are educational agencies focused on providing quality, innovative and cost-effective programs to students, schools and communities across the state and beyond.

Therapy Connect is an extension of the established and highly reputable therapy services offered by CCIU and IU13. It was developed using insights from existing, successful online programs, such as: Brandywine Virtual Academy, Preschool Online and Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions. Therapy Connect brings a nationally-recognized, professional service with a local perspective.

Does It Work?

Online therapy programs are supported by over 50 published and peer-reviewed studies. It is proven as an effective method of therapy and counseling for students of all ages.

Don’t just take our word for it! Click on the links below to read more about this method of therapy.