Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy, and Sustainability

The STEELS Standards were adopted by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education in July 2022 and will be a requirement for all Pennsylvania school districts for the 2025-2026 school year.

To help with the implementation process, the IU13 Teaching and Learning Collaborative has created a tool with a progression of professional learning first and then curriculum writing.

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Jason Zimmerman



3-Dimensional Learning

Why the instructional change? What is the difference between 2D and 3D teaching?
3D Learning shifts the focus of science instruction beyond fact memorization to applying and evaluating science concepts (and so much more!)


Phenomena Workshop

This learner-centered approach allows the classroom to be a place of inquiry and problem-solving by engaging students with the phenomena around them. Participants will learn about phenomena-based learning and how it is foundational for the PA STEELS standards.


STEELS Standards Overview

Gain insight into the new PA Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy, and Sustainability (STEELS) standards and resources. 


Immersive Experience Workshop

What does a 3D lesson look like from the student's perspective? From the teacher's perspective?

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Aligning Standards & Designing Unit Plan Workshops

Individually scheduled with an IU13 consultant. Elementary and secondary curriculum teams work on unpacking the standards, creating unit plans, finding anchoring phenomena, writing big ideas, and more.

Email jason_zimmerman@iu13.org to schedule curriculum writing dates for your district.


Science Resource Vendor Fair

Join us for this opportunity to look through aligned resources from K-12 science companies. Each company will have a 20-minute timeslot to review their materials. you will have time to review materials and ask questions about the resources your district is interested in.

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Note: lunch will be provided.

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"Ensuring Science for All" Admin Webinar

A one-hour webinar for administrators that will provide an overview of the STEELS standards to help lead curriculum development and assessment in your schools.

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Transformative Lesson Studies

How does a 2D lesson look different from a 3D lesson? During this workshop, we will deconstruct a current lesson and reconstruct it using the 3-Dimensional teaching framework.


Support with Implementation

As teachers begin implementing lessons and/or units, we want to help support the process. We can offer services to help teams co-plan, co-teach, and more.

Email for more information: jason_zimmerman@iu13.org