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We're sorry this number is no longer in service.....

Posted by John Baker on Aug 5, 2015 9:10:40 AM

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There is nothing more aggravating that calling someone when you really need them only to discover their number is no longer in service. Now you are not only stressed over what is happening but you just added to that stress by not being able to reach a key person. 

While many people transfer their cellphone numbers from carrier to carrier these days what does change more often is their primary contact number, and often that is the only one they give out. With more people dropping their traditional home phone, or “land line”, employers are finding that number is often the only number they have on their records. So what do you do?

1. So over the summer or during the first days back it a great time to update your emergency phone lists. Request both a day time and evening number

2. take it to the next level; have someone on your staff call each number after the update is complete to make sure there are no typo’s or missed changes.

Now you have a list with a much higher degree of reliability that will signficantly reduce your chances of getting the dreaded pre-recorded message " We're sorry this number is no longer...."

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