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New Year...New Start; Three Things to Consider When Working With Your All Hazards Plans

Posted by John Baker on Jan 4, 2017 10:01:51 AM

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The New Year is filled with New Year's resolution so why not add a few for your school's All Hazard Plan?  After all what could be more important in 2017 than taking care of your staff and students if a crisis happens? Here are three tips to consider when looking at your All Hazards Plan for 2017: 

1. Look for help in the "not-so obvious" places.  Maybe your school's custodian is also the local fire chief  or you have a parent who is in law enforcement and offering to volunteer some time on your safety committee.

2. Listen to your staff.  They work in their building every day and know what is going on and who is coming and going.  Don't just talk to the building principal.  They don't always have a complete picture of their building due to their busy schedule and other demands.  Want to know where the soft spots are on your perimeter?  Talk to administrative assistance, kitchen staff or maintenance.  They know. 

3. Don't be afraid to update your plan.  Updating your plan is not a sign of "failing to get it right the first time".  Updating your plan shows that you are learning and adjusting.  In Pennsylvania you are required to review and update your plan annually.  Use January to do that before you begin with budgets, end of year, hiring and all that happens over the spring and summer.  


Hope you found these tips helpful.  As always feel free to reach out.  This is John Baker for Safetysolutions4schools.com.


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